Milonga Boat Detail 1

The Boat Milonga


14 X 9 Archival Print on Premium Giclee Paper with 1/2 inch border

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I wanted to design a boat that was powered by playing guitar, and this is what I ended up with. The boat and its guitar captain will be in most every painting in the Archipelago series. I’m writing down their story in more detail every day, and it seems that the this image captures the moment after our hero has passed his test on Island Three, the Island at the Edge of the Sea. He is now on his own, setting forth on a new kind of sea, the Sea of Song.

To see the process it took to design this boat and my character go here. At first I made the boat too complicated. Eventually, I decided I had to make a model of it, and of the main character, and then I was able to draw and paint it.


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