Milonga Detail 1 ChurchMilonga Detail 3 Guardame HousesMilonga Detail 2 Lighthouse

The Island of Milonga



24 X 18 Print on Premium Giclee Paper  $160

Original Work Available $ (Contact Me)
(Watercolor/Color Pencil/Pen & Ink on Watercolor Paper)


Product Description

About the Painting

This is the first in a series of paintings depicting the islands and adventures in my work Archipelago for Guitar. Each of the main paintings is inspired in some way by a piece of music that I write and perform, and will eventually record.

Milonga is where the hero of the story grew up. It’s part of the Edgesea Archipelago, which is situated in a universe tuned to a slightly different key and tempo than ours. This universe is very much like ours, but in it Music and Inspiration are forces of nature along with Gravity and Electromagnetism.

To see a larger reproduction, a video tour of the island, and even hear a performance of the music that inspired this Island, go to the Island of Milonga portfolio page.

Archive Quality Giclee Print on Premium Giclee Paper
Watercolor, Pen & Ink, Colored Pencil on Watercolor Paper
Size 24 X 18 inches (including 1/2 inch border)

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